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The Origins of Rum Cake and Why It Tastes So Good

As you may imagine, anything with the words “rum” and “cake” in its name has got to be good. Hence, rum cake, a traditional Caribbean dessert, is amazing in its taste. But where exactly did rum cake originate from? And why does it taste so good?

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There are different kinds of rum cake, but today we are just going to talk about Caribbean rum cake. What distinguishes Caribbean rum cake from other rum cakes is the method of preparation. There are two varieties of Caribbean rum cake: brown cake, made with brown sugar, and black cake, made with burnt sugar. These cakes are also called Caribbean fruit cakes.

Rum itself was first distilled in the Caribbean in the 17th century from sugar cane plants. It is believed that rum cakes were variations of steamed puddings or steamed cakes that were brought over by English settlers. Eventually, the steaming method was swapped out for the baking method, rum was added, and the rest is history.

Traditionally, rum cake was reserved for special occasions, such as weddings, and for Christmas. However, rum cakes nowadays are extremely popular due to their delectable taste.
One unique fact about rum cakes is that they remain moist for up to six months. This is due to the alcohol in the batter. Hence, Island Surprise finds rum cake a perfect addition to our monthly gift subscriptions.

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One secret is the rum in the rum cake. Not only does it keep the cake moist for months, but it gives rum cake a unique flavor that is hard to find elsewhere due to the flavor of rum. However, for the most part, rum cake tastes so good due to the perfect combination of rum, sugar, vanilla, flour, eggs, and butter that when combined, makes for a mouth-watering eat.

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