How It Works

We bring the heart of the Caribbean straight to your front door. No matter which monthly gift box subscription you choose, you’ll enjoy the vibrant flavors, colors, and patterns of the most beautiful place in the world. Best of all, it’s easy!


Make an Account

Sign up and create a profile with Island Surprise. You can purchase your first monthly gift box immediately. If you so choose, your future surprise gift boxes will show up at the same time in the following months. You can cancel the monthly gift box subscription at any time.


Try It Out

If you aren’t sure you want monthly gift boxes, you can easily order a surprise gift box from our Shop and see if you want a monthly gift subscription. You’ll get a cool subscription box bursting with Caribbean delights like coffee, clothes, spices, and cakes. We want you to be completely satisfied, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.


Enjoy Your Monthly Gift Box Subscription

Turn your home into your own private island with flavors, textures, patterns, and apparel straight from the tropics. We offer several different gift box sizes to fit your budget. Shipping is free, and you’ll love getting unique pieces of the Caribbean to add to your home each month. If you aren’t satisfied, returns are free. Sign up today!