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Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Most of us need coffee in the morning to get going. Some of us need coffee in the afternoon to avoid the afternoon slump. And a few of us need coffee in the evening just because it tastes good. So what gift do you give coffee lovers?

Island Surprise is a gift box subscription service that specializes in bringing the best of the Caribbean Islands to your doorstep. From island coffee to island spices, our monthly gift subscriptions have a surprise every month. In this blog post, we’ll review some gift ideas for coffee lovers. Subscribe for you or a friend today!


French Press

The French Press is a way to make coffee that has been around for almost 100 years. It is essentially a beaker with a plunger. You place the ground, preferably course, coffee at the bottom of the beaker. Then you boil water, and pour the water over the coffee. You let this sit between two to four minutes. Then you push the plunger down which strains the coffee of all its grounds. You then pour and enjoy!

French Presses yield a stronger, richer taste than normal drip coffee, and many people who use French Press swear by them and will never go back. Island Surprise notes that French Presses make great, affordable presents for coffee lovers.

Coffee and Chocolate Bars

Many people who like coffee also like chocolate. Thus, when you give these coffee-themed gifts, you’re sure to please the most picky person on your gift-giving list. Island Surprise notes that there are numerous brands and kinds to pick from. We recommend that you give a variety of chocolate bars in order to hit the mark.

Coffee-Infused Lotions

Coffee is a natural source of nutrients and antioxidants that can have many health benefits, including treating acne, increasing blood flow, and improving your hair. There are many creams available now with coffee in them that can be used as exfoliants, used to get rid of puffy eyes, and protect against the sun. Island Surprise notes that this coffee gift idea is sure to be a hit and a surprise to your coffee-loving friend.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Many coffee lovers enjoy a good cup of cold brew. However, many people are baffled at how to make a good cup of cold brew. There are many cold brew coffee makers on the market today that can help. Island Surprise recommends one with a great filter in order to optimize the taste of the cold brew.

Coffee Grinder

If your friend is stuck in the Stone Age and not grinding his or her coffee, then it is time they began. When you grind your own coffee, you get the freshest taste since the coffee has not been sitting out, exposed to the air, and losing valuable nutrients and taste. Coffee grinders run the gamut from $10 to $100 and more, depending on the quality you are looking for. Island Surprise recommends you choose a middle-of-the-road coffee grinder in order to ensure your friend likes using one. Finding one with reviews that say it is easy to use and clean are good to look for as well.

Island Surprise’s Monthly Gift Box Subscription

Giving a monthly gift subscription has become an increasingly popular way for people to give their loved ones gifts. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long. All of Island Surprise’s gift boxes have one of our amazing coffees in them, with some alternating every month. Our popular Coffee Galore monthly gift box contains the coffee of the month and four mugs, which is perfect for having a coffee date at your house.

Let’s face it, we all love receiving gifts, especially gifts that we don’t know what they are. It reminds us of our childhood when Christmas was more about the opening of the gifts than what was actually inside. By giving a surprise gift box to a friend or family member, you will bring them joy perhaps on a not-so-joyful day. Sign up today!


Island Surprise offers cool subscription boxes to delight and bring joy. From relaxing scents and candles to coffee and rum cake, our monthly gift boxes offer the best of the Caribbean. Give a surprise today!